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Bjorn and Gyda, Ragnar’s kids – DOB Oct. 12, 2018

Sire: Cdn. Ch. Heathview Ragnar Lothbrok

Dam: Cdn. Ch. Heathview Melorose

Heathview Bjorn Ironside: 4 weeks

Heathview Gyda: 4 weeks

Heathview Gyda has found her home with our dear friends, Glenda and Jimmy Black of Thunder Bay, Ontario. She is maturing very nicely.

Bjorn found his way to the USA and lives with Karla and Jeff Peterman in Sandpoint, Idaho.

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Falcon and Francesca, Shakespeare “F” Litter, DOB May 18, 2018

Features: Heathview Falconbridge and Heathview Francesca

Sire: Lismore Stoneybrook MacHeath (USA)

Dam: Cdn. Gr. Champion Heathview Lagertha

The Stoneybrook MacHeath X Heathview Lagertha breeding produced 3 girls and 4 boys on May 18, 2018. Given 2018 was the year of the letter “F” with the CKC in Canada, all the pups were named after characters in Shakespeare plays that started with “F”.  Their sire MacHeath inspired the theme this time.  

Heathview Falconbridge was our pick of the litter.  We co-own Heathview Francesca with Steve Chong and Jeslene Quinn in Sherwood Park. Heathview Mistress Alice Ford is co-owned with Ken and Charmaine Herbert of Edmonton.   Heathview Fairies, Sir John Falstaff, Fortinbras (Conroy) have gone to pet homes.

Cdn. Ch. Heathview Falconbridge aka Falcon

In May 2019 We traveled to the IWCA in Santa Fe, New Mexico taking both Heathview Nellie Belle and Heathview Falconbridge. Falcon showed in Sweeps and the regular show in the 9 – 12 month male Class. There were just 2 in the class but the feedback from both Judges was extremely positive regarding his future potential. On the day, our “tall drink of water” went 2nd place. I came home with a lovely souvenir, silver cup.

September 28, 2019 – Ch. Heathview Falconbridge was awarded Reserve Best in Show under Judge Joy Hodgkinson at Show #3 at LKOC in Lloydminster, AB. This was a thrill of a lifetime for me. A first for Heathview. This win moved Falcon to #3 in Canada for 2019.

CDF Weekly | Your Summary of Canadian Dog Events
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If you scroll down in the post, Falcon is featured.

Heathview Francesca

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Janey and Nellie, the Great Alberta Women Litter: DOB April 17, 2017

Featuring: Nellie and Janey

There were just the two in the litter. Meet Heathview Janey Canuck and Heathview Nellie Belle. We were looking for names of great Canadian women so Janey was Emily Murphy’s pen name, and at the time she was destined for the US, Nellie was supposed to be named after Nellie McClung, a great social activist and politician. We decided to go with something more cutesy and went with Nellie Belle instead.

Sire: US Ch. Mungo of Nutstown

Dam: Heathview Dear Prudence

Cdn. Ch. Heathview Nellie Belle

Heathview Nellie Belle was entered in the IWCC Regional and National Specialties over September 15 to 17, 2017 in the baby puppy classes.

At the BC Regional Show under Sweeps Judge Sid Wood, Nellie took Best in Sweeps. She was a handful given this was my 2nd time in the ring with her, but her lovely conformation speaks for itself.

At the IWCC National Show under sweeps Judge Lis Henry, Nellie was awarded a 3rd placement. The Judges comments were extremely favourable but she had to make a decision based on her bite on the day. Since then Nellie’s lower canines have corrected as her adult teeth have come in.

We have trialed her in Lure coursing and she has the talent for sure. Once COVID isn’t as big a risk, we hope to get her out again.

Heathview Janey Canuck

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In memory of: Cdn. Ch. Heathview Sophie Tucker

DOB: October 23, 2008

Deceased: February 10, 2017

Sire:  Ch Lonnkyle Pathos

Dam: Cdn. Ch. Heathview Dulcie

Sophie was our matriarch at Heathview.  This year she was 8.5 years old.  She was a wonderfully strong bitch who definitely was the boss amongst our pack.  Her health challenges started this year as we noticed a drop in weight and the development of a lump on the back of her neck.  We were distracted by the development of necrotizing fasciitis in her left rear leg in December. It was over 45 days of dressing changes as she responded favorably to the healing process.  In the last few weeks, she came into season, lost her appetite and the weight loss became more and more pronounced. She was vomiting anything we could get down her.   Diagnostic tests determined her prognosis was very poor with her lungs becoming involved.  Although we did not do an autopsy, we suspect a cancer process, likely a lympho sarcoma.  We made the very difficult decision to let her go peacefully.  Sophie is now  running over the rainbow bridge with Trixie and Mamma Mia.  We have lost 3 of our dear friends in the last 3 months.  It has been heartbreaking

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Sophie’s Healing Journey

Our nightmare started December 17, 2016 with Sophie presenting with a very swollen left rear leg and lameness.  We sought vet assistance and got her on antibiotics immediately.  The leg started to drain and by Sunday she developed a large necrotic area on the lateral side of the leg.  By Monday night a second even larger area on the medial side of her leg showed signs of necrosis.  The two wounds were debrided on Tuesday.  Through cultures we have discovered that we were dealing with necrotizing fasciitis due to a Streptococcal infection.

Sophie has made amazing progress.  We are using Manuka honey and non adherent dressings, changing it every two days.  Today is Day 32 since the wounds were debrided.  The lateral wound has healed over.  The medial wound is showing great progress in healing over granulating nicely.  There are no signs of loss of function with the leg.  Sophie is bright in herself and back to normal at 8.5 years of age.

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Cdn. Gr. Ch. Mamma Mia Von den Erzminen

Mamma Mia came to us from Germany from her Breeder: Brigitte Lins-Tennert.

DOB: July 7, 2012

DOD: December 28, 2016

We have always felt so blessed to have Mamma in our lives.  She has been known for her gentle spirit and soft approach.  She was impeccably trustworthy around children and such a joy to live with. My Grandchildren Aiden and Lily saw that first hand while they lived with us this past summer.

We showed her to her Cdn. Grand Champion and she was awarded her first major in the USA during the summer of 2015 as a 3 year old.

We were blessed with a litter from Mamma out of Melodream Maker O’Marksbay and have kept Heathview Melorose aka Rosie or “Baby Mia” as coined by Lily.  Rosie is Mamma reincarnated and has her same very sweet disposition and similar look and quality.  We are so fortunate to have her after the sudden loss of Mamma.

Mamma succumbed to a “narcotizing disease” process that we are still trying to sort out. So sudden and tragic a loss.  It’s been a tough year here at Heathview.

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Heathview in Mourning 2016

Please note: graphic images

2016 has been very hard for Ian and I.  In November we lost Kellyhide’s Imp aka Trixie after a short battle with a fungal pneumonia.

Lagertha developed canine influenza around the same time and after 5 days in hospital, did recover, praise the Lord.

Recently we endured an episode of some sort of necrotizing disease process with our matriarch Heathview Sophie Tucker.  The effect resulted in two very large necrotic areas on either side of her left rear leg.  With the help of our vet the process was arrested and we are now into a very long healing phase that will take weeks with daily dressing changes.  Sophie has proven to be very strong through this whole ordeal.

Within 5 days after Sophie’s ordeal, our bitch Mamma Mia went lame.  We rushed her to the vet as the disease process was very similar to Sophie – her leg swelled and a small necrotic wound appeared over her left hock that started to drain purulent fluid.  With Mamma things progressed much quicker and we became very worried when her rear leg swelled became hot and reddened and started to break down, draining Sero-sanguineous fluid.  We started to see involvement of her right front paw which swelled up within 4 hours of arrival at the vet.  Her heart developed a murmur and her blood work showed early stages of DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation).  Emergency vet care could only do so much.  We were devastated by the loss of Mamma in the early hours of December 28th.

To date we are unsure what hit our kennel.  The swab for C&S on Sophie was inconclusive showing “no growth”.  We are awaiting results on Mamma Mia’s wound.

Both lived in the kennel building for short periods.  So had Eachna, Lagertha and Rosie and for a lot longer.  We researched spiders on the intranet thinking perhaps it might be the brown recluse spider, but they are not typical in our area and after cleaning the garage there was no evidence of spiders.  Our vet isn’t convinced it was spiders either but more likely some necrotizing disease process.  We also thought  about snakes (it’s possible I suppose) but again, we saw no evidence in the garage.  The only other possible thing is the kennel doors that are firm and potentially could cause blunt force injury as the dogs pass through if they swing back.  Perhaps a break in the skin could get infected??

We have no one in the garage at the moment.  We are playing things very safe.  The kennel building has been cleaned, vacuumed and will be disinfected before it is used again.

We are still staggering with the loss of our dear Mamma.  The stress of loosing one of the family without the “why” being answered is overwhelming.

We hope 2017 is a much better year for one and all

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Melorose, Heathview’s “Melo” Litter born- March 14, 2016

Sire:  Melodream Maker O’Marksbay

Dam:  Mamma Mia von den Erzminen

Two Boys: Heathview Mellow Yellow; Heathview Melodeon (deceased)

Two Girls:  Heathview Melorose; Heathview Melodie

Melorose aka Rosie, was our pick of this litter. She is a delightful personality and has been a lovely sensitive addition to our household. She was the Dam of our “Ragnar’s Kid’s litter and was an amazing mom


Heathview Melorose at 4.5 years
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2015 in Review

Showing Puppies in 2015

In 2015 it was exciting times for Ian and I.   I had been to Europe to pick up a young boy from the Glor na Gael Kennel in Budapest, Hungary. Eachna was available after a promise to a US breeder fell through. It was after seeing the pictures of this promising young dog, that we jumped at the chance.
We also had two very promising puppies from our “Viking litter” who were out of Tir n’a Noir O’Marksbay (Festus) bred to Heathview Dear Prudence. We kept Heathview Lagertha and Heathview Ragnar Lothbrok from that breeding.
Between March through August, 2015, we showed Mamma Mia Von den Erzminen as a Special and Lagertha and Eachna in the puppy classes at the Battle River Kennel Club Shows, Camrose AB;   IWCC BC Specialty, BC;   Northern Alberta Canine Association, Edmonton, AB;   Lakeland Kennel Club, Cold Lake, AB; and Evelyn Kenny EKKOC in Calgary, AB. We brought out Ragnar at the Alberta Kennel Club and Associated Specialties in Calgary, AB.

Cdn. Ch. Glor na Gael Eachna
Eachna was being shown by our handler, Peggy Mignon and by June he obatained his Canadian Championship points at NACA and was moved to Specials. At EKKOC Eachna was awarded three BPG’s under Sandy Alexander and Yu-Feng Alex Zee and Cheryl Patterson. At the Alberta Sporting Hound Association Specialty, he was awarded Best Puppy in Specialty under Judge Frances H. Colonna, Lansing, KS.

Cdn. Ch. Heathview Lagertha
At the BC IWCC Specialty Lags was awarded 1st in her 6-9 mo. class both in Sweeps under Maria Lubera, Elmhurst Ill and in Specialty under Sorcha Wilde, UK. It was an agonizing decision for Sorchia between Lags and Salish Remy Legacy’s The Ice Man.  She said  the Ice Man took BPS as he was taller. At NACA on June 7, 2015 Doug Johnson awarded Lagertha, BOB, BW, Group 4 and Best Puppy in Group. By July at Cold Lake, Lagertha too, obtained her Canadian Championship points.

Cdn. Ch. Heathivew Ragnar Lothbrok
Rags lives in Edson on a huge acreage with our dear friends Mark and Linda Maris. We brought him out at the AKC and Associated Specialties in August. He quickly obtained his Canadian Championship points in his first 3 shows. He took BW at the Alberta Sporting Hound Association under Frances H. Colonna, KS; and at AKC Show #1, took BW under Virginia Lyns, Show #2 WD under Joanne Sewell and Show #3 qualified for the Purina Classic by being awarded BOS, BW, BP under Allen Pepper. Rags went on being shown by Peggy Mignon to be awarded Best Puppy in Group also under Allen Pepper. It was so exciting to be so close to a BPIS and to qualify for Crufts. Many thanks to Peggy for her excellent handling of this amzing youngster. At the Foothills Gazehound Club Show, Rags was awarded Best Puppy in Specialty under Aldolfo Martinez Noguera.

Grand Ch. Mamma Mia Von den Erzminen
Mamma also was shown over the summer and did very well obtaining points towards her Cdn. Grand Championship.

Ian and I travelled to the US and Canada to the east coast and back between August 13, 2015 to October 3, 2015. We enjoyed visits with family, friends and IW breeders across the country and showed our hounds for the first time in the USA in Topeka, Kansas over August 21, 2015. We had Mamma, Lags and Rags with us and each of them obtained their first US Majors.  We kind of left the US dogs in the dust so to speak but made a great friend.  Thank you for your help and hospitality Kerri.
We attended the IWCC Specialty in PEI and entered in both the Specialty and Regional Specialty. Rags was awarded Best in Sweeps under Judith Ryan and Lags, BOS.  At the Regional Specialty, Gretchen Bernardi awarded Rags Select Dog. It was a truly amazing trip to feel part of the competition and to be recognized for your efforts and dedication to the breed. It truly was a thrill for us both.





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