RBIS for GCh. Heathview Gyda

Heathview is so proud of Heathview Gyda out of Ch. Heathview Ragnar Lothbrok x Ch. Heathview Melorose. Gyda was handled by her owner Glenda Black at the Lakehead Kennel Club Shows in Kakabeka Falls, ONT. July 22 – 24, 2022. Gyda was awarded Group 1 and RBIS under Joy Hodgkinson on Saturday. She also acquired 3 Group 2 awards and 1 Group 3. Gyda was elevated to #7 Irish Wolfhound in Canada thus far in 2022. Congratulations Glenda.

GCH. Heathview Gyda
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Heathview Keltic Litter have found their new homes

We have been so blessed to have found such amazing homes for this magnificent 8. all have been placed in their new homes as of May 3, 2022. Ian and I are Co-Owning the pick Male , Padraig who lives in Bowden. We also Co-Own the 1st pick Bitch, Tully who is in Edmonton and 2nd pick bitch, Aoife who lives in Whitehorse, Yukon. Thank you dear Folks for giving this litter such love, care and attention.

Coming together of the Celtic Clan

Left to Right

Leah & Flora; Jody & Emmitt, Saphron & Saoirse and Brenda & Padraig

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First Photo Shoot – 6 weeks

Glor na Gael Eachna x Heathview Nellie Belle

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Abba Litter Update

Heathview I Had A Dream aka Talia and Winner Takes it All aka Fernando are now 7.5 months old. They have been on the back burner for the last month given Nellie’s Litter occupying our time.

The weather is more spring like which has drawn us outside. We are trying to get Talia and Fernando out on walks and used to grooming as we have entered them in a few local shows. we also are planning a road trip to Maryland and have entered the IWCA National Specialty in May. We are really liking what we see and are excited to get these kids out.

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Puppies Arrived – Feb. 16, 2022

The Keltic litter is 4 weeks old yesterday. They have all mastered lapping from a bowl, have erupted teeth and often get the zoomies between nap times. So cuddly and cute these days.

Day 18 for this lovely strong group. All are up on their feet, eyes open and starting to react to sounds. Barking, growling and howling. Another week and we can start getting them lapping from a bowl.

We finally decided on a theme for naming this lovely litter. We will be using Gaelic names. One boy has already been named Padraig. Which one that is is still to be decided. New homes can pick their names from a list we found on line.

We will likely use Deirdre (deer-dra) for our girl

https://www.Irish central.com/roots/100-Irish-language-first-names-meanings

Weigh in this morning was so exciting. All the puppies have doubled their birth weights. Such a healthy vocal bunch lol.

All chunky monkeys are doing so well. At 9 days things turned the corner with all of us into a routine. Nellie is dedicated to lying in the whelping box. She whines when it’s time to get up and does not move until pups are safely in a basket. Ian sleeps in the garage and was only up once for about an hour to take Nellie for a walk. I sleep in the house and this princess got 7 hours of sleep. LG is up to 1lb 12.1 oz. The largest pup is 2 lb. 14.2 oz. There are some lovely babes here. Wow!!! Very comfortable in our digs. Thank goodness for good wifi in the garage.

7 days old

We have reached a milestone. Puppies are 7 days old and most have weighed in over 2 lbs. They are a very robust bunch. Nellie continues to be very attentive to their every need. She is very predictable and whines to get our help to put the pups in baskets before she moves . She still spends all her time lying with the pups in between the breaks. We still mostly live in the garage keeping an eye on things 24/7. Ian has been so wonderful taking the night shift.

February 21, 2022 aka Family Day in Alberta. Day 5 of being sequestered in the whelping garage. We continue with 24/7 supervision of these young puppies and the Dam.

Starting to think of a theme for naming this group. Nellie has a strong Irish lineage. The tattoo letter for 2022 with the CKC is “K”. Thinking about using “Keltic” as a prefix and synonyms for “ majestic”. Also there are very interesting Irish plant names to use. All just thoughts at the moment. Waiting on a theme that really resonates.

February 20, 2022: Day 4 – we are into somewhat of a routine now. We are sparing each other off to get sleep and well needed naps during the day. Nellie is exceptionally devoted to her puppies, giving us a whine if one moves too far away. She’s very predictable if we meet her needs first (feed and tea) and get her out for walks every 3-4 hours. She’ll lie quiet for 3 hrs letting us cat nap.

Puppy weights are all up as Nellie’s milk came in yesterday. They are so strong and vigorous. I can’t pick them up with one hand anymore.

This is the time to stay vigilant and not get complacent. An unpredictable move by Nellie could easily squish a puppy.

February 16, 2022

We took Nellie in to the vet yesterday to be assessed and it was recommended we do a C-Section. It was the right call as we had lost one puppy in utero and another was distressed and couldn’t be revived.

Our count was males-3 and Females – 5

All are black with the Irish markings. We are coming up to 24 hrs post surgery and Nellie is being a very attentive Dam and has taken to her role immediately. That is such a relief!! We are anticipating her milk will come in soon and things will continue in a positive direction. All the pups are strong and vigorous. We are feeling blessed to be at this point.

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RBIS Ch. Heathview Falconbridge

#1 Irish Wolfhound in Canada

It’s official. Very proud of this boy.

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Winter Litter pending February 17, 2022

Cdn Ch: Glor Na Gael Eachna X Cdn. GCh Heathview Nellie Belle


Nellie has been confirmed in whelp by ultrasound today. She is expecting February 17, 2022. We will do an X-ray on February 14 to help us confirm the numbers expected to aid in the whelping process. We still have a number of hurdles to jump before we can confirm with our puppy wait list but we saw a minimum of 6 whelps. The chance of the end product being better than that is very good given the cursory look. I will email my puppy wait list privately in a few days to determine their readiness for one of these puppies.

This litter is all spoken for.

Heathview Nellie Belle

DOB: Aprl 23, 2017

Nellie is home bred and by using Heathview’s Dear Prudence on Mungo of Nutstown, it brought in the strong, healthy Irish lines. Nellie is Chic Qualified and we look forward to combining her sweet temperament with Eachna

Glor Na Gael Eachna

DOB: August 12, 2014

Eachna came to us from Hungary entrusted to our care by his breeder Csilla Juhasz. His temperament is probably his best feature. He truly is a breed ambassador as the “Gentle Giant”.

January 2019

Just 18 days to go for Nellie. She definitely has lost her waist line. Over her morning sickness and eating very well.

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Gilligan X Rosie

DOB: July 30, 2021

Puppy Shoot at 12 weeks.


Pink – Heathview Take a Chance on Me aka “Ruby” in Lethbridge, AB

Red – Heathview Dancing Queen aka “Remi” in Penn Valley, California

Blue – Heathview Winner Takes it All aka “Fernando” – Heathview keeper

Orange, now Mauve – Heathview I Had a Dream aka “Talia” – Heathview keeper

3 Females and 1 Male flourishing here at Heathview. Naming of these beauties will be by using popular ABBA Songs in honor of Mamma Mia (their granddam)


8 week Evaluation

8 weeks – 2 days

We are so proud of this lovely group of exceptional quality puppies. Puppy evaluations just made the choice harder for us. Lol

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Spring Litter DOB June 1, 2021: Heathview Falconbridge X Heathview Janey Canuck

Puppy Evaluation at Eight weeks

The stork has arrived: After 48 hours of labour Janey delivered 5 puppies naturally then was stalled by a large male blocking the birth canal. We sought emergency care and the remaining puppies were born by C Section on June 1st. We have 3 males and 5 females all doing well at OMalley Irish Wolfhounds. Congratulations Steve Chong and Jeslene Quinn on your first litter.

Janey Canuck post C Section with her family of 8
Still waiting on Janey’s progress…

Janey is owned by Jeslene Quinn and Steven Chong of OMalley Irish Wolfhounds. She is the sister to our Heathview Nellie Belle. We are working with Jeslene and Steven to produce their first litter and we will be helping them find good homes for these puppies.


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Christmas Run with the Hounds @ Heathview


Eachna in the background with Ian. Lagertha stops to watch then joins in again near the end. In slow mo, Nellie takes the lead with Rosie at her heals and Falcon in the rear.

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