Spring Litter DOB June 1, 2021: Heathview Falconbridge X Heathview Janey Canuck

Puppy Evaluation at Eight weeks

The stork has arrived: After 48 hours of labour Janey delivered 5 puppies naturally then was stalled by a large male blocking the birth canal. We sought emergency care and the remaining puppies were born by C Section on June 1st. We have 3 males and 5 females all doing well at OMalley Irish Wolfhounds. Congratulations Steve Chong and Jeslene Quinn on your first litter.

Janey Canuck post C Section with her family of 8
Still waiting on Janey’s progress…

Janey is owned by Jeslene Quinn and Steven Chong of OMalley Irish Wolfhounds. She is the sister to our Heathview Nellie Belle. We are working with Jeslene and Steven to produce their first litter and we will be helping them find good homes for these puppies.


About Heathview IW's

We have been breed fanciers and breeders for over 35 years. We feel education, having mentors and being committeed to being protectorates of the breed is our primary goal. Loving them is the easy part.
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6 Responses to Spring Litter DOB June 1, 2021: Heathview Falconbridge X Heathview Janey Canuck

  1. Mike cameron says:

    How do I get on the waiting list for a wolfhound… I’ve been trying for some time but I guess I’m not so savvy on the computer…

  2. Scott says:

    Would love to speak with you about this great breed. What time would be good to call?

  3. joe says:

    would be interested in a pup from the spring litter

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