Cdn. Gr. Ch. Mamma Mia Von den Erzminen

Mamma Mia came to us from Germany from her Breeder: Brigitte Lins-Tennert.

DOB: July 7, 2012

DOD: December 28, 2016

We have always felt so blessed to have Mamma in our lives.  She has been known for her gentle spirit and soft approach.  She was impeccably trustworthy around children and such a joy to live with. My Grandchildren Aiden and Lily saw that first hand while they lived with us this past summer.

We showed her to her Cdn. Grand Champion and she was awarded her first major in the USA during the summer of 2015 as a 3 year old.

We were blessed with a litter from Mamma out of Melodream Maker O’Marksbay and have kept Heathview Melorose aka Rosie or “Baby Mia” as coined by Lily.  Rosie is Mamma reincarnated and has her same very sweet disposition and similar look and quality.  We are so fortunate to have her after the sudden loss of Mamma.

Mamma succumbed to a “narcotizing disease” process that we are still trying to sort out. So sudden and tragic a loss.  It’s been a tough year here at Heathview.

About Heathview IW's

We have been breed fanciers and breeders for over 35 years. We feel education, having mentors and being committeed to being protectorates of the breed is our primary goal. Loving them is the easy part.
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1 Response to Cdn. Gr. Ch. Mamma Mia Von den Erzminen

  1. Karla says:

    So very sorry to read this. What a sweet sweet girl. Thinking of you and Ian with love during these difficult days. Peace be with you. Love, Karla

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