Melorose, Heathview’s “Melo” Litter born- March 14, 2016

Sire:  Melodream Maker O’Marksbay

Dam:  Mamma Mia von den Erzminen

Two Boys: Heathview Mellow Yellow; Heathview Melodeon (deceased)

Two Girls:  Heathview Melorose; Heathview Melodie

Melorose aka Rosie, was our pick of this litter. She is a delightful personality and has been a lovely sensitive addition to our household. She was the Dam of our “Ragnar’s Kid’s litter and was an amazing mom


Heathview Melorose at 4.5 years

About Heathview IW's

We have been breed fanciers and breeders for over 35 years. We feel education, having mentors and being committeed to being protectorates of the breed is our primary goal. Loving them is the easy part.
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4 Responses to Melorose, Heathview’s “Melo” Litter born- March 14, 2016

  1. mike cameron Cameron says:

    That’s great news …I’m so excited about the male…what is my next step.I would love to pay a visit…in the near future…please lnform me as to my next step…thank you so much…mike cameron…Banff Alberta…

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Mike; All the puppies are spoken for in this latest litter. You are more than welcome to visit to chat about the hounds when you are in and around the Edmonton area. Before I consider putting anyone on our puppy waiting list, I like them to complete the questionnaire to initiate conversation about the care of the Wolfhound. Please contact at any time at 780 922-2654


  2. risha says:

    do you have any available pups or dogs

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